Manya McMahon BA (Hons) DipM 

Manya McMahonI have worked in marketing communications since 1989, and spent five and a half years focusing on internal and external communications with a subsidiary of British Airways.

I started Pinpoint in order to trade office politics and photocopier conversations for harder, more productive work with a huge variety of clients, including several membership organisations, local government, theatre, the arts, health care and many others.

My particular skills are writing, editing and proofreading. I’m known, and paid, for being picky!

Projects over the years have included:

  • newsletters and magazines for staff and for customers
  • enewsletters
  • web content
  • articles and advertorial
  • press releases
  • case studies
  • public information leaflets
  • an arts yearbook
  • presentations
  • tourism and museum guides

Hand-picked partners

Using the same cost-efficient approach that I offer my clients, I have a team of hand-picked specialist partners whom I bring in to work on individual projects to create awareness, promote sales and improve communication. They include designers, illustrators, photographers and printers and they share my passion for perfection!